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About SEO Marketing Research

I started to write a book about marketing research because I thought there wasn’t any qualified book on the market.

 I have used years writing and researching, but kept improving the different chapter and therefore never finished the book. The “book” has always been a work of love and has never been made for the sake of profit.

 Therefore I decided to face the two problems with one solution. I decided to make my book into a blog because:

• I can finish one post at the time instead of a perfect book

• I can share my “book” with every body that have a computer and a internet connection instead of a small number of people that can effort a book

I hope you will enjoy my blog.

You are free to use the contents in this blog as long as you mention where you got contents from and give a link to the post/blog to find more information. No need to ask for permission :-)


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