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Alternate/previous data source names: Business & Industry News

Service/portal name:

Source description: Business & Industry was originally produced by Responsive Daa Services, Inc., as Business & Industry News and is now owned by Gale Group.

Business & Industry is a full-text article database with multi-industry and international coverage Content consists of over one thousand trade and business journals industry newsletters, and regional, national, and international publications.

The database has strong coverage of companies industries, products, and demographic markets, ranging from July 1994 to the present.

Source content: The Business & Industry database includes articles from over one thousand national and international sources, including business magazines, trade journals, international newspapers, and industry newsletters.

Business & Industry claims that over 75 percent of the articles are available in full-text format, and that 50 percent of the articles cover global issues and events.

The Business & Industry publication list includes many industry-specific trade publications and regional and international business publications that track and analyze the activities of markets and companies.

Available companion databases to Business & Industry are Business & Management Practices (featuring management practices articles) and TableBase (featuring data and statistical tables).

There is no choice between advanced and beginner search modes in the Gale interface. Instead, the search screen provides access to all of the search options for simple or complicated searches, including a wide variety of search options.

Of particular note is the “Must Contain Table” check box near the Document Type window, which allows for filtering to articles with tables, thum facilitating access to statistical data that would otherwise be difficult to track down. Also available is a separate text box for searching company names.

The drop-down menus provide browsing access to indicate terms used to classify each article. Sample terms in the drop-down menus include:

• Concept Terms. African American Market, Corporate Strategy Industry Overview, Trends

• Marketing Terms. Brand Equity, Corporate Advertising, Loyalty Premium-Luxury Products

• Industry Terms. Apparel, Fast Foods, Industrial Industry Trucking

Here is a sample of how this information is presented for given article on market information:

Concept Terms: All market information; Sales
Geographic Area: North America (NOAX); United States (USA)
Industry Names: Food
Marketing Terms: All product marketing; Distribution channels
Product Names: Food and kindred products (200000); Beverages (208000)
These standard classifications can be found at the bottom of every article.

Searching is greatly enhanced with this clear information on how the article was classified, which can lead a search to other related topics or terms.

Together, the strong international content and the convenient drop-down menus provide a powerful search capacity that best serves marketing, advertising, and product research.

Besides, the citation in a Business & Industry results page consists of an “enhanced” title at the top of the citation, written by Gale staff, that provides a brief summary of the article. The enhanced title is much more informative than the actual title.

Source evaluation: Business & Industry’s is a valuable article database. Its greatest value lies in its ability to provide data related to products, market information, and company/industry activities.

The search interface provides a variety of search options. The content is strong across products, industries, and countries.

This makes it an effective database for market share information, rankings, and international coverage of companies and products.

Some issues to be concerned with Business & Industry include the timeliness of articles.

Also, the results screens tend to bke a bit more specific information on the coverage of each journal within the database; source list information is available from the Gale Group site.

Even so, Business & Industry is a solid article database that does not hide layers of access behind beginner or advanced search options.

Succinct and visual help is available to improve your ability to search the database, and hands-on trining is available from a Gale Group representative.

Business & Industry supplies researchers with a powerful and easy-to-use article database with solid coverage of markets and companies.

Source value rating: All of the data source reviewers were asked to rate each source on the basis of the following eight categories, using “10” as the highest rating and “1” as the lowest (“80” being a perfect score):

1. Relative cost-to-value:   7
2. Relative timeliness of data:   6
3. Relative comprehensiveness of data:  8
4. Ease of use:     8
5. Search options available:   8
6. Level of support services:   7
7. Level of training offered:   8
8. Amount/kinds of special services offered: 6
Total Rating:     58

Useful tips
• Before starting a search on Business & Industry, skim through the Concept and Market Term menus to determine if there are any relevant terms to include in your search.

• Use the many search options to create a more targeted search.

• If you are looking for numbers/statistics, select the “Must Have Table” option.


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