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Business process outsourcing (BPO) relationship success factors

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The project management plan can be changed and altered over the life of the BPO project. At the same time, changes to the plan should only be done in a systematic and carefully considered manner.

The PMT should include members from both the buyer and vendor organizations. These individuals must learn to adapt to and trust each other, while balancing the needs of their respective organizations. This balancing act is difficult, but not impossible.

The project management plan established between the BPO buyer and vendor is intimately related to the contract between the panties, but is not confined to the contract alone.

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Alternate/previous data source names: USADATA’s Direct Marketing Portal

Service/portal name:

Source description: USADATA is a direct marketing portal that provides an automated, self-serve process for direct mail marketing.

USADATA offers two customized corporate portal products: the Customer Acquisition Portal and the Customer Retention & Cross Sell Portal.

The Customer Acquisition Portal has two components: Consumer Prospecting and Business Prospecting. Components: Consumer Prospecting and Business Prospecting. Companies can choose to place a link to the portal on their internal Web site (or intranet) or they can access these prospecting tools through the USADATA Web site.

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Commentary about Hoover’s online

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Alternate/previous data source names: Hoover’s

Service/portal name:

Source description: Hoover’s Online delivers company information in the form of short company capsules and longer company profiles. It also contains industry snapshots, market intelligence, and sales prospecting tools.

Significant portions of Hoover’s database (company capsules) are available for free, and the more in-depth sections are offered on a subscription basis.

Hoover’s targets sales, marketing, business development, and other professionals who need to retrive a standard bucket of company, industry, and competitive information on a regular basis. It also works well for interviewees, small businesses, and personal investors.

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Review about eventline

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Service/portal name: dialog, file 165

Source description: EventLine is a directory listing conventions, conferences, symposia, or other events held worldwide since 1989. It is narrowly focused on medicine, biotechnology, and science events.

This source is useful for marketing or sales staff looking for sales venues, for event planners, or for individuals who wish to attend an event in the medial or science fields. As a historical record, this directory verifies information on past events.

It answers questions such as “How many AIDS conferences are held in North America?” and “If I plan a conference for October, what events will conflict with it?”
PRICING: $0-50, depending on the amount of time spent searching.

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Review about EIU viewswire

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Service/portal name:

Source description: The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU0 ViewsWire provides business intelligence for 195 countries.

The product is targeted at busy corporate executives, business researchers, and investors. ViewsWire is a distillation of the larger Economist database of political and economic news, background, and analysis.

The EIU has been gathering and analyzing political and economic information for decades. The company is well known for publishing the weekly magazine the Economist, but it is also the publisher of other, less well-known periodicals, including the Journal of Commerce, Since 1997, the EIU has offered a large variety of reports on the Web.

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Review about country data

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Service/portal name:

Source description: Country Data, produced by The PRS Grroup (, provides a complete dataset of political economic, and social indicators to help any company doing business in a foreign country keep up with trends that may affect current and future business.

Among the target audience for this resource are purchasing agents, project planners, marketing and sales organizations, and risk management departments.

What are the current political risks to foreign investment? Are there any negative risk factors that might affect my company’s upcoming supplier contract negotiations?

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Adweek and brandweek

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Alternate/previous data source names: Brandweek was known as Adweek’s Marketing Week until 1992 and until 1986 as Adweek (National Marketing Edition), which superseded Ad Forum in 1985.

Since the mid-1970s Adweek has published a series of regional titles, including East, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, New England, and West. In eary 2003 the six regional titles were combined into one national edition.

Service/portal name: Adweek and Brandweek can be accessed through their Web sites at and

Searching is free, but full access to all articles requires a subscription. Adweek and Brandweek references and articles are also found in databases such as PROMT and ABI/Inform.

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Review about InfoTrac PROMT

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Alternate/previous data source names: predicast’s overview of Markets and Technology, Gale PROMT

Service/portal name: Accessed through InfoTrac on the Web for review ( but also available through Dialog dial-up and Web versions (

Source description: PROMT is a full-text database of international trade and business journals, industry newsletters, and newspapers, plus summaries from investment and brokerage firm reports.

This resource is owned by the Gale Group, which is in turn owned by the Thomson Corporation. Using PROMT through Dialog requires knowledge of search expressions and should not pose a problem for experienced Dialog searchers.

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Markets and industry library on lexisnexis

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Alternate/previous data source names: market

Service/portal name: LexisNexis ( or

Source description: Markets and Industry Library on LexisNexis is a compilation of thousands of sources that together contain an extremely wide and industry research.

Searchers will find company information, demographics, marketing and advertising resources, overviews of markets and technology, market research reports, full-text news stories, news by industry, and selected reference materials.

For a complete listing of sources included in this LexisNexis library, go to, click on the Customer Service Center link at the top, and go to the Searchable Directory of Online Sources.

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Review about market share reporter

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Service/portal name: (the news and business source) or (which includes legal sources)

SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Market Share Reporter is published by Gale and made available online through the LexisNexis information source ( or

The print version, often available in libraries, is a source database in Business 7 Company Resource Center.

The data is gathered from 1,133 sources. According to the Gale Print Catalog, Market Share Reporter presents “comparative business statistics in a clear, straightforward manner.”

It “affords an immediate overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources.

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