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Keyword Lists

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Creating effective keyword lists is an important part of being noticed on the Internet. Whether you are selling a product, promoting a service, or doing anything you want people to be able to locate online, good keyword lists are a must.

When people search the Internet, they generally type in key phrases or keywords that will help them find the product, service, or topic they are searching for.

Making sure your information pops up as a result of their search is what building effective keyword lists is all about.

To help you determine what to include on your keyword lists, put yourself in the mindset of the potential customer, client, or reader. Try to think of what keywords they may type into their search to find what you have to offer. Keyword brainstorming can be a efficient tool.

After you’ve established some main ideas for your keyword lists, you can then go back and tailor the list by using more specific terms and details to gain more search results that include your product or services.

For example, if you own a small business that does small engine repair, you would most likely include “small engine repair” in your keyword lists.

You could then go on to add other words that will be attractive when shown in search results and that people may use to search for your topic.

Think of keywords such as “affordable engine repair”, “lawn mower repair”, “quality small engine work”, and whatever else applies to your business and the services it offers.

Other types of professions may use keyword lists to help keep their work organized and make their life easier. The Adobe Lightroom Photoshop program allows users to use Adobe Lightroom keyword lists in order to easily locate their work when needed.

Imagine if photography was your living and you had thousands upon thousands of digital images stored on your computer. Making keyword lists allows for images to be easily located and accessed when needed, saving time while keeping your valuable work organized.

A useful online tool to generating combinations of keywords is the Google Adwords interface is the Adwords keyword list generator. If you have have a large keyword list to generate related keyword for, you can use the related keyword tool.

This tool generates keyword lists by having the user fill in three lists of keywords. With the Adwords keyword list generator, you will then receive combinations of every word in each list along with all words from the other lists.

You can use a strategic approach to help build a useful keyword list. For example, if you were marketing a product, perhaps use the first line to type in the common name of the product along with any synonyms.

Use the second line to list such information as brand names and even competitor brand names, Use the third line for other information such as where the product can be purchased.

Obviously, for each particular case when keyword lists are needed, different detail will apply. After you have used the Adwords keyword list generator a few times, you will begin to develop your own personal strategy and the methods that work for you.

To build the best keyword lists, once again think of relevant information about the product, subject, or service you are promoting.

This can include product names, adjectives describing the product, such as “yellow running shoes”, or “affordable purple prom dresses”.

Include positive attributes of the product or information that is relevant and may affect the attractiveness of the product to the consumer.

A fast way, I use all the time, to generate a keyword list is to use Keyword Donkey. You just write the words you think of in the input box, click play and you get a list of similar keyword used in the big search engines.

If you are promoting an article you’ve written, grab words from the headlines to use in keyword lists. Let’s say you wrote an article on making homemade clay for kids to craft with. Your keyword lists may include such possibilities as “homemade clay”. “kids crafting clay”, and other relevant terms and phrases that are associated with the information found in the article.

Most of the time keyword lists are associated with drawing attention or attracting people to something. However, there is also such a thing as blocked keyword lists. Blocked keyword lists can control what can be found when performing searches online.

For example, if a parent or employer did not want someone looking up suggestive or otherwise objectionable material online, they can generate a keyword list of terms and phrases to be blocked so that results for those words will not appear in search results. Google Adsense also have a list of keyword that they don’t allow.

How do you build keyword lists?


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