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Managing culture beyond the outsourced process

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Beyond the organizational units immediately affected by the business process outsourcing (BPO) project are employees who are friends, relatives, and acquaintances of those affected BPO project managers must not overlook the ripple effects that are created by outsourcing and the threat that others might fed from witnessing the introduction of BPO into neighboring work units.

In addition to the heightened sense of insecurity that may arise, there will be concerns about workflow issues and day-to-day business continuity.

Organizational units that work closely with the outsourced function may be concerned about the capability of the vendor to achieve the same level of productivity. Other concerns that may arise are as follows:

? Will we have to work extra hand to make the BPO transition work?
? Will my job change as a result of the introduction of new work processes
? Who will be receiving my work output, and will be on she be able to understand it?
? Will I be able to adapt to the vendor and its people?
? How will the organization’s customers react to changes in personnel and/or procedures?

In managing the BPO transition as it affects units beyond the outsourced activity, the story has immense value. A consistent stony will help quell the rumor mill and alleviate confusion and misunderstanding.

At the same time, it will be vital for managers throughout the organization to be able to demonstrate buy-in to the BPO project and refrain from public naysaying if they do not fully support the initiative.

Thus the top leadership of the organization must develop support for the BPO project across organizational boundaries, vertical and horizontal.

At a minimum, the management team must be united in its public support of the BPO initiative. At best, everyone should be aligned to support the initiative and be mobilized to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed.


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