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The open Web would be a good place to start when looking for market research reports only if you are feeling very lucky. 

A Web search might turn up the occasional commentary or quote from a market research report, but not the report itself. 

Remember, market researchers spend substantial runs to create these reports in order to sell them at a profit to interested parties. 

Little, if any, current information from market research report is likely to be available for free.

If you know who the publisher is and want to obtain a specific report, the publisher’s Web site can serve as a good starting place. 

In fact, the only way to access some information is through the publisher.  The publisher may also be the only source if you need a recently released report. 

To protect their products, some publishers embargo them so that they do not go out to the aggregators until sixty ninety days after being published. 

Note, however, that occasionally some interesting facts and figures can be gleaned from the press release announcing the report’s availability.

Recent additions to the market research landscape are Web-based aggregators such as, MindBranch, and the Thomson Research site. 

These information suppliers offer content on a variety of subjects and from a variety of publishers, allowing free searching, subject directories, and the opportunity to purchase information by the page or section. 

It is important to remember that no one source is going to have everything, so be prepared to search these sites as well as others. 

Even if some reports can be obtained in more than one of your sources, producing an “overlap,” remember that individual suppliers have individual embargo periods and specific report availability. 

Having multiple sources is essential to provide good coverage of published market research reports.

The market research reports collected and made available by value-added aggregators such as Dialog and Profound offer yet another access point for this type of information.

 These aggregators of offer very broad, deep coverage with powerful search capabilities that can assist the researcher in targeting specific bits of information or combinations of search criteria. 

Although the costs can be significant, the material is often of high value, since it may not be available elsewhere.

Evaluating Web Sources
It is extremely important to you and to your client that you use credible sources with reliable information. 

When you search the fee-based databases from major vendors, you have some assurance that the information has been compiled from credible sources. 

Even so, you will want to check multiple sources to verify what you find.  In the case of Web sources, it gets more complicated. 

On the open Web, no one is vetting the information for you in advance.  You the user, must assume that responsibility. 

The key axiom to employ here is “know your source.”  When assessing Web sources, you must determine the following.

• Who sponsors the Web site?  This will tell you something about who paid for the information you find there, and this in turn can tell you something about any potential biases.

• Who wrote the information?  The author should have some knowledge or credibility in the subject area. 

For instance, the author could be a journalist specializing in the industry or market, an academic who teaches and studies that area, or a corporate executive who works in the industry. 

In each case the author can just as easily be a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind, so it’s best to do a little research before you take anyone’s word for it.

• When was it written?  Timing is everything, and if currency matters, you will need to know when the material was written and when it was last updated.

Most college and university Web sites offer tutorials and checklists to help you evaluate Web sites. 

Examples include sites published by Cornell University (http://www.library.cornell,edu/okwef/research/webeval,html), Widener University (, and University of North Carolina – Charpel Hill ( 

For a detailed look at evaluating information on the Web, consult Web of Deception:  Misinformation on the Internet, edited by Anne Mintz.


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