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Source description: Reuters Business Insight (RBI) is a joint project of the global news and financial services company Reuters and the market research firm Datamonitor.

The service provide market research on consumer goods, health care, finance, and technology RBI is targeted toward company executives, marketing professionals, business researchers, human resource management investors – basically anyone who needs a concise research report on an industry or trend in the four areas covered.

Pricing: Searching the RBI Web site is free; individual reports cost between $1,140 and $1,219. Subscriptions to the service may be purchased for specific industries, and costs vary with numbers of users, including global, enterprise-wide access.

Subscriptions cost approximately $3,000. Contact the company for more information and pricing levels.

Source content: RBI is a source of market analysis with an emphasis on European, and especially, markets.

The content of the reports is primary research by Datamonitor. The service sells reports both individually and by subscription (varying levels of access are available) from its Web site.

Reports are delivered in electronic format instantly upon purchase, in the user’s choice of HTML or PDF.

RBI provides a free-text search box; results can then be sorted by relevance or publication date.

When a search is done on a major industry – banking, for example – RBI first searches titles and summaries and then offers the option of searches full text.

At other times, RBI immediately performs a full-text search of the entire database. At present, there is no advanced search capability that would allow the user to specify search parameters manually.

The site can be browsed by industry, and RBI says this capability will soon be enhanced to allow browsing by other criteria such as industry sub-sectors.

The RBI home page features Recommended Reports, which makes suggestios based on the customer’s subscription, stated interests, and past purchases.

Reports in Reuters Business Insight are laid out in a clean, clear format that makes it easy to zero in on needed information.

Important facts are highlighted in graphs and charts that present the essential information without overwhelming the user with overly detailed background data.

The reports are comprehensive in scope and extensive – often two hundred pages or more in length.

The content varieks from topic to topic but is generally based upon some mixture of the following five features:

(1) Introduction to the Industry and Key Issues,
(2) Market Overview (market size, share, forecasts),
(3) Distribution Channels,
(4) Competitive Landscape, often including case studies or SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analyses of key players, and
(5) Strategy. RBI reports usually contain some guidance on how to take advantage of emerging industry trends.

RBI is divided into five broad industries:
1. Consumer Goods. This category is concerned primarily with food and beverages but also includes cosmetics, electronic commerce, and retailing in general.

2. Energy. This category covers the traditional utilities of gas, oik, water, and electricity, but it also includes emerging technologies such as fuel cells and renewable resources (“green energy”).

3. Finance. Financial services such as banking, investment management, and insurance are included here. This section is especailly strong in the areas of e-banking and issues surrounding the euro.

4. Health Care. This category mainly covers pharmaceuticals with special emphasis on cancer, cardiovascular, and central nervous system drugs.

5. Technology. This category includes reports on telecommunications, networks, call centers, electronic commerce (including financial services), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Source evaluation: RBI provides clear, current reports that are simultaneously comprehensive and concise.

It is an especially valuable resource for firms that need market information on the UK and Europe; those firms would do well to consider subscriptions to industries of interest.

Other users will find individual purchases to be sufficient. Several dozen new reports are published in RBI each year.

Quality market analysis is expensive to produce, a fact that is always reflected in the price of market research reports, regardless of producer.

However, a search of an aggregator such as reveals that Reuter Business Insight reports and priced competitively.

Searching is an area where the database could be improved. The ability to perform Boolean searches (using AND, OR, NOT) or to limit searches to specific sections of documents would be valuable enahancement.

On the other hand, many customers will be interested in one specific industry or even an industry subsector, and so will not need sophisticated searching; browsing will work just as well for those researchers.

Technical support and training are provided free of charge, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern time.

Sourcevalue rating: All of the data source reviewers were asked to rate each source on the basis of the following eight categories, sing “10” as the highest rating an “1” as he lowest (“80” being a perfect score):

1. Relative cost-to-vale:   7
2. Relative timeliness of data:   6
3. Relative comprehensiveness of data:  7
4. Ease of use:     8
5. Search options available:   5
6. Level of support services:   9
7. Level of training offered:   9
8. Amount/kinds of special services offered: 7
Total Rating:     58

Useful tips
• Try both British and American spelling; for example, try separate searches for centre and center.

• Enclose phrases in quotes when searching. For example: “all centres” will retrieve documents contiaining the entire phrase.

• Download a free table of contents, brochure, and press release before buying a report.


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