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Review about EIU viewswire

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Source description: The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU0 ViewsWire provides business intelligence for 195 countries.

The product is targeted at busy corporate executives, business researchers, and investors. ViewsWire is a distillation of the larger Economist database of political and economic news, background, and analysis.

The EIU has been gathering and analyzing political and economic information for decades. The company is well known for publishing the weekly magazine the Economist, but it is also the publisher of other, less well-known periodicals, including the Journal of Commerce, Since 1997, the EIU has offered a large variety of reports on the Web.

The EIU as a whole is a large and potentially intimidating resource, but it provides data extending back many years.

ViewsWire bundles together the most relevant parts of EIU and presents them in an easy-tonaviagate format. ViewsWire is a current awareness service, briefing decision makers with insightful and authoritative analysis as well as news.

Pricing: ViewWire is available by annual subscription, with pricing based on the number of users and the number of geographic regions selected (see Table 4-16).
Table 4-16. Global Network Pricing for EIU ViewsWire

Number of users Annual subscription cost
Up to 5   $11,950
Up to 10  $16,400
Up to 25  $21,850
Up to 50  $27,300
Up to 100  $32,750
More than 100 Call for pricing information

Subscriptions for individual regions are available at lower prices.

Source content: ViewsWire is organized by country and by channel. Users can choose a country and then a channel, or vice versa. Channels include Politics, Economics, Business, Finance and Regulations. An additional channel, EIU RiskWire, provides risk ratings for 60 of the 195 countries.

The content of ViewsWire is drawn from both the EIU database and from strategic alliances with organizations such as British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the World Bank, the Financial Times, China Online, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Because ViewsWire incorporates articles from business publications, it provides stronger company and industry coverage than does the traditional EIU database. ViewsWire’s main strength, however, as with EIU, lies in political and economic analysis.

Information is presented in the form of articles, tables, and graphs. Data may be downloaded in Excel format, and articles and tables may be reformatted into a printer-friendly format with a single click.

ViewsWire features a powerful internal search engine and the entire database can be searched by keyword. Limiters including country, industry, channel, category, date, and source can be used to narrow the search.

ViewsWire provides country-specific information to support organizational decision making.

This database stands out above other services in two important aspects: First, it is produced by the authoritative Economist Intelligence Unit. Second, ViewsWire adds a tremendous amount of value with its insightful analysis and forecasts.

Source evaluation: ViewsWire take the most useful parts of a large, relatively expensive database (EIU) and distills them into a concise, powerful service, ViewsWire cuts through the clutter to the information needed by busy managers.

For many organizations it is a reasonable alternative to a full EIU subscription. The various parts of ViewsWire are updated at different times.

Analysis of major news events is presented within forty-eight hours, and ViewsWire provides daily updates for some items, such as stock indices and currency exchance rates.

There are many sources of country information on the Web (Country Commercial Guides from the U.S. Department of Commerce, for example), but ViewsWire takes country information an extra step and provides five-year forecasts of the data items covered.

Business planners can therefore use ViewsWire as a tool to reduce uncertainty. The interface is intuitive and very easy to use. A special feature of ViewsWire is an e-mail alerting service based upon the interest profile set up by the user.

Technical support is included free of charge and is available during normal working hours. ViewsWire is well designed and straightforward to use, and training is available at no charge.

Phone assistance is available during business hours, and account managers can provie face-to-face assistance when they are in the customer’s geographic area. ViewsWire is unmatched in its concise, timely and authoritative reporting.

Source value rating: All of the data source reviewers were asked to rate each source on the basis of the following eight categories, using “10” as the highest rating and “1” as the lowest (“80” being a perfect score):

1. Relative cost-to-value:   8
2. Relative timeliness of data:  9
3. Relative comprehensiveness of data;  9
4. Ease of use:   10
5. Search options available:  9
6. Level of support services:  9
7. Level of training offered:  9
8. Amount/kinds of special services offered: 8
Total Rating: 71

Useful tips
• Use British spelling when searching. For example, use “labor” instead of “labor.”
• Use the advanced search feature to limit your searches to your country of interest.


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