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Alternate/previous data source names: Publication Resource Group, Inc. (PRG)

Service/portal name:

Source description: is a market research distributor and technology company whose services are designed to centralize, streamline, and manage market research purchase.

The resource covers more than 130 global industry segments is the areas of Busness/Finance, Computers/IT, Health Care, Internet, Communications, Consumer Products, Industrial Market and Manufacturing.

MindBranch carries more than forty thousand research reports, newsletters, directories, databaes, country reports, subscription services, and company profiles.

In addition, offers nearly thirty-five thousand stock reports and other information for the investment community.

Individual visitors to the site can register for free and personalize their profile to receive updates on new research, plus information on specific industries, sectors, keywords, and competition.

Report descriptions and tables of contents may be searched and viewed without subscribing, and there is no charge to access any of the information on the site.

In addition, MindBranch offers desktop tool, QuickLink, which allows companies to centralize research and avoid redundant purchasing.

Corporate clients may also qualify for other cost savings accrued through a loyalty program, which offers credits toward future spending. There is no subscription fee for QuickLink.

MindBranch’s Web site can be beneficial to individuals of businesses looking for exensive, targeted market research across range of industries and segments.

In addition to offering prepublished research, MindBranch acts as a broker to help clients who need custom research to “choose the right analyst.”

MindBranch will take time to learn about your information need, write your Request for Proposals, and submit it to the appropriate analysts.

To use this service, submit a request to MindBranch and they will select a publisher to complete the work. Clients can choose to remain anonymous throughout the bidding process.

Pricing. Prices range from $50 to $10,000, and reports can be purchased in segments so you can purchase just the chapter needed, at considerable cost savings.

Source content: MindBranch distributes market and investment research publications, in addition to brokering custom research.

MindBranch represents more than three hundred publishers, analysts, and consultants who produce the content; some of the publishers are well-known suppliers such as Datamonitor Publications, Freedonia Group, Yankee Group, Reuters Business Insight, Decision Resources, Kline & Company, ValuEngine, and Ovum.

Users can browse for market research publications by drilling down through eight major categories: Business/Finance, Health Care, Computer/IT, Internet, Communications, Consumer Products, Industrial Markets, and Manufacturing. Clicking Health Care, for example, creates further subdivisions, such as Biotechnology/Immunology.

The alternative to browsing is to find reports by entering a keyword or words in the Find search box, at the top left of every page.

An advanced search feature lets you filter keyword searches by date, geographic region, product type, industry area, and price and sort by title, price, publication date, and relevance.

You can find general descriptions for individual publishers from the Research Partners pages allow you to search or browse thrugh studies by an individual publisher.

Results produce a list of publications available from MindBranch that are limited to a particular publisher. Further refining the results provides information limited to specific topics and/or industry areas.

For independent equity research on public companies and stocks, users can choose ticker symbols to track and review publications.

Tickers may be changed or edited at any time, and purchases can be made either individually or through “soft dollar” brokers, a popular way for professional investors to make transactions.

For all market research publications listed on, you can view citation information (publisher, publication date, price, geographic coverage), a full description, and a table of contents for free.

Newsletters may include sample issues, and some reports may contain sample pages. Some studies also provide a list of countries or geographic regions available for individual purchase, and choosing from the drop-down menus allows you to specify a country with your order.

Depending on individual publisher requirements, some studies may be purchased by the piece either directly via the Web site or by calling for pricing information and other details.

Upon ordering, publications may be downloaded instantly, sent via e-mail in PDF format, or mailed in print form in five to eight days or sooner, depending on the customer’s location.

Corporate clients that have signed up for QuickLink have additional secured Web site features and functionality.

The entire organization can view a list of all publications that have been purchased, and users can sort the list by date purchased, title, or publisher.

Links to the Research Forum allow users to share information between locations and business units.

In addition, designated employees can manage acqusitions and track purchases with daily Web-based summaries that include detailed inforation, and order status. Compiled data by business unit, publisher, and research subject is also available.

Source evaluation: The quality of the content and the Web site ease of use make MindBranch a viable option for market research. Most of the respected marketing research firms are represented.

The primary benefits of MindBranch are convenience for ordering and the custom research services. MindBranch coordinates the purchases and provides a centralized means for tracking each purchase.

MindBranch’s cheif Web site competitor,, also serves as a clearinghouse for about 350 market research publishers. content overlaps about 50 percent with MindBranch, and navigation and results presentation are also similar. offers more opportunities to purchase sections of reports electronically, but ads on the MindBranch site advise clients to call for more information, as many publishers sell sections on a per-request basis.

Market also charges a fee to review tables of contents, whereas MindBranch does not.

Obviously, a researcher might shop directly with most of the publishers who partner with MindBranch or

Keep in mind that MindBranch offers all research at the same price as its publisher partners.

If in-depth research and analyst time is needed in a targeted market, the user might consider taking time to develop a direct relationship with one or two market research firms.

A valued repeat customer of a market research firm might be provided with extra discounts or benefit from more personalized service.

MindBranch offers industry studies from $50 and up, and many publishers provide $100-$500 industry overviews for good, basic background information. Customers of these reports are probably either already active in the markets or seriously considering a first entry.

MindBranch markets “newsletters” to those who register at the site. “Newsletter” can often be a buzzword in market research circles to signal content in a report about a hot trend. MindBranch uses its newsletter as a sales flier announcing new reports available for purchase.

No original market content is included in the newsletter itself. Registered users may elect to receive a personalized weekly e-mail newsletter from MindBranch, The MindBranch Monitor.

The newsletter highlights a featured report, other similar recommended reading, a featured publisher, links to new reports in the user’s chosen industries, plus alerts to new studies associated with keywords that the user has added to his or her profile.

Source value rating: All of the data source reviewers were asked to rate each source on the basis of the following eight categories, using “10” as the highest rating and “1” as the lowest (“80” being a perfect score):

1. Relative cost-to-vlaue:   9
2. Relative timeliness of data:   8
3. Relative comprehensiveness of data:  9
4. Ease of use:     9
5. Search optons available:   7
6. Level of support services:   10
7. Level of training offered:   2
8. Amount/kinds special services offered: 7
Total Rating:     61

Useful tips
• Take advantage of MindBranch’s free desktop tool, QuickLink. It helps centralize procurement and management of multiple report purchases, and you can avoid redundant purchases.

• Take advantage of the free help you can receive from MindBranch’s research managers, and call them to learn more about research publications before you purchase.

• Carefully peruse the content of each report you want to purchase. If sections of it would meet your needs, purchase just those sections and avoid the higher cost of the entire report.

• When choosing between two services similar in content, base your decision on the customer service model that best suits your company.


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