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Alternate/previous data source names: USADATA’s Direct Marketing Portal

Service/portal name:

Source description: USADATA is a direct marketing portal that provides an automated, self-serve process for direct mail marketing.

USADATA offers two customized corporate portal products: the Customer Acquisition Portal and the Customer Retention & Cross Sell Portal.

The Customer Acquisition Portal has two components: Consumer Prospecting and Business Prospecting. Components: Consumer Prospecting and Business Prospecting. Companies can choose to place a link to the portal on their internal Web site (or intranet) or they can access these prospecting tools through the USADATA Web site.

The target audience for the Customer Retention & Cross Sell Portal is the large corporation with a decentralized sales staff.

Pricing. The cost of data from USADATA varies. Mailing lists and mailers are priced per record by type of data, ranging from $50 through $1,501-$2,000 and up. Customized corporate is available on request.

Source content: usadata offers two customized corporate portals, the Customer Acquisition Portal and the Customer Retnetion & Cross Sell Portal, which may be made available on a company’s Web site or through an intranet.

These portals provide access to consumer or business lists that have been created especially for the company based on targeted criteria and selected geographic locations. Direct mailings may be generated and personalized for the individual company.

Targeting criteria include the following:
1. Consumer Mailing Lists
• Geographic Area Selects: state, city, county, ZIP code. Additional criteria through data specialist: area code, MSA, DSA, radius around an address.

• Demographics, Lifestyle, Behavior Selects: age, sex, estimated income (HH), home owner/renter, home market value, length of residence, dwelling type.

Additional criteria through data specialist include, but are not limited to lifestyles/hobbies/interests, marital status, property details presence of children, presence of children by age, race/ethnicity, religion, mail order buyers, donors and contributors, opportunity seekers, new home owners/movers, pool owners, RV/mobile home owners.

2. Business Mailing Lists
• Geographic Area Selects: state, city, county, ZIP code. Additional criteria through data specialist: area code, MSA, DSA, radus aroung an address.

• Business Selects: SIC code, employee size, sales volume, sales growth, contact names where available.

Additional criteria through data specialist include, but are not limited to, fax number, contacts by job title, contact by job function, franchise/branch affiliation, home-based businesses, ethnic-owned businesses, public/private indicator, year established, multiple contacts at same location, owner’s sex.

The resulting Consumer Lists include name, address, and telephone number of each prospect. Business Lists are available in Basic or Advanced formats, and the Advanced format contains additional data elements.

Implementation and support of the corporate portals is provided through USADATA’S Client Partner Group, which offers training to the corporate client and customer service to the end use.

Source evaluation: The Customer Acquisition Portal is surprisingly easy to use to create your own lists and mailings, although many targeting criteria are available only by calling a data specialist.

Results are sent via e-mail, in comma-delimited ASCII text format, and may be downloaded into Excel, usually within two hours of submitting the criteria. The mailing lists and mailer costs seem very reasonable.

Complete price lists are found in the Order Lists & Data section of the Web site. Payment may be made by credit card, or corporate accounts may be established.

Although the Acxiom data underlying the USADATA portal does appear to be fairly comprehensive, the source of the demographic information and how recent it is are not clear, so it is difficult to judge the reliability of the data.

Data source information indicates that data come “from more than fifteen of the nation’s top data sources,” but none of these sources are named at the site.

A ProQuest database search finds articles discussing USADATA’s resource partnerships with, among others, Arbitron, Scarborough Research, Hoover’s, MediaMark Research, and Seagate Software.

One negative about the USADATA Web site itself is the absence of a search option. The site is easily navigated using the section title links found at the top of the page, but neither these links nor the site map give the user insight into the content of each section.

Finding a useful tutorial and guided tour required diligent exploration of the site, and I would not have know these existed at all had I not methodically clicked every link I found on each page.

A site map is included, but the tour and tutorial do not apprear there; the map includes only two “levels” of the site.

Source value rating: All of the data source reviewers were asked to rate each source on the basis of the following eight categories, using “10” as the highest rating and “1” as the lowest (“80” being a perfect score):

1. Relative cost-to-value:   10
2. Relative timeliness of data:  8
3. Relative comprehensiveness of data:  9
4. Ease of use:   10
5. Search options available:  3
6. Level of support services:  8
7. Level of training offered:  8
8. Amount/kinds of special services offered: 9
Total Rating: 65

Useful tips
• A helpful list of Requently Asked Questions pertinent to the direct mail portal is hidden under the heading Order Mailing Lists.

• Before ordering from the prospecting portal, take advantage of the Learning Center tutorial and the Guided Tour, also found under Order Mailing Lists.


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